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Government Wide Area Network

This activity seeks to inter connect all Government Ministries and Institutions through a secure Government Wide Area data Network. (GWAN).


Phase I ran from 2014-2015 and twenty (20) Government Ministries and Two (2) Institutions (Cabinet Office and Office of the Auditor General) were connected to the Government Wide Area Network as at 14th April, 2014. Critical applications and services such as IFMIS, Project Mwana etc have since been transferred to the new GWAN. Unified internet is being transmitted from the national Data center to the connected institutions. The Division has been effectively managing the network infrastructure and services on the GWAN platform including provision of unified internet services.

Phase II ran from January 2016 to December, 2017 and envisaged to extend connectivity of departments that are physically located outside Ministries headquarters, selected Government agencies, selected IFMIS sites and all the ten (10) Provincial Administration Offices.