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The Zambia Integrated Agriculture Management Information System (ZIAMIS)

The Zambia Integrated Agriculture Management Information System (ZIAMIS) was developed to support the management of different Agriculture processes. Particularly, the system has become critical in the Ministry of Agriculture in supporting management of the Farmer Input Support Program (FISP). The system further serves as a backbone to an ecosystem of solutions for the management of the Electronic Voucher (eVoucher) System under the FISP.

Key activities supported by the ZIAMIS starting from 2017/2018 include the following:

  1. Farmer Registration and FISP Beneficiaries Management
  2. Input Supplier Registration and Input Catalogue Management
  3. Agro-Dealers Registration
  4. Farmer Contribution Management
  5. FISP subsidy authorisation management
  6. Input Redeeming Management
  7. Agro-Dealer invoicing for farmers without valid visa Cards
  8. Monitoring and reporting for oversight

Key benefits brought about by the implementation of the ZIAMIS includes:

  1. Enhanced Government oversight of the FISP through effective transaction Monitoring and Tracking through integration to payment system in Banks/and service providers
  2. Enhanced Transparency in information management and operations of the FISP
  3. The ZIAMIS effectively supported the FISP eVoucher System which helped improve cost-effective delivery of inputs to all parts of country
  4. Improved Accountability of resources through automated Reconciliation and monitoring
  5. Improved Targeting of beneficiaries ensuring that only intended targets benefits and elimination of Ghost Farmers through Harmonisation of a beneficiary Register and strengthening of verification mechanism.
  6. Automation of capturing of what farmers are buying from the FISP subsidy
  7. The system further promises to be critical in mainstreaming of ICT in Ministry of Agriculture operations, particularly in routine food security and nutrition monitoring, routine market monitoring and e-extension to farmers in the country.