Lusaka, June 6, 2024: The Government of Zambia, through the SMART Zambia Institute (The E-Government Division), proudly announces its participation in the global 50-in-5 campaign and its commitment to implementing digital public infrastructure (DPI) in a safe, inclusive, and interoperable manner. Joining this campaign marks a significant step in accelerating progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


By joining 50-in-5, Zambia aligns with a coalition of nations, including Bangladesh, Estonia, Ethiopia, Malawi, Norway, and Singapore. The campaign aims to help 50 countries design, implement, and scale at least one DPI component within five years, fostering global cooperation and the sharing of best practices.


“Zambia’s participation in the 50-in-5 initiative reflects our dedication to leapfrogging our digital transformation journey and ensuring that all Zambians benefit from modernization. It underscores our commitment to transforming our digital landscape and providing modern, efficient, and accessible public services to all citizens. This aligns with Zambia’s aspiration of becoming a prosperous middle-income nation as outlined in Vision 2030. A connected Zambia is a smart Zambia

Mr. Percy Chinyama


Digital public infrastructure, including secure systems for digital payments, ID, and data exchange, is crucial for enhancing economies and the well-being of citizens. It underpins essential services across sectors such as food security, financial inclusion, social protection, and women’s economic empowerment.

The 50-in-5 campaign, in collaboration with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, UNDP, and other global partners, embodies the spirit of digital cooperation. Participating countries are united in their commitment to best practices and innovative approaches to building DPI.



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