SMART Zambia Institute) has developed a comprehensive E-Government Service Directory

Lusaka, June 4th, 2024, SZI…The E-Government Division (SMART Zambia Institute) has developed a comprehensive E-Government Service Directory, which underwent successful Cadastre User Acceptance testing in Lusaka. National Coordinator, Mr. Percy Chinyama, led the testing and expressed satisfaction with the results.


Mr. Chinyama emphasized the President’s call to digitize the Zambian economy and the importance of technology in enhancing public service delivery. He noted that the government must digitize to transform service delivery and meet growing demands.


The e-government platform integrates various public services, providing a unified database for all government services. Mr. Chinyama praised the self-service feature, allowing clients to access services online, a best practice for the government.


Director of Cadastre, Samwell Maango, highlighted the platform’s integration of government ministries and departments, improving government operations.


Director ICT in the Ministry of Finance and National Planning, Beaton Sibulowa, announced plans for further user acceptance testing before the final launch.


The successful implementation of the e-government registry is expected to significantly impact citizens’ lives, improving efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing transparency in public service delivery.


The SMART Zambia Institute is revolutionizing government service delivery, and this milestone marks a significant step towards achieving a digitized economy..

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