Ndola, May 28th, 2024, SZI… Acting chairperson of the parliamentary committee on cabinet affairs and Member of Parliament for Mwandi Constituency, Sibeso Sefulo, has commended SMART Zambia Institute (E-Government Division) for their exceptional work in operationalizing SMART Care and X-ray systems, as well as e-governance on the Copperbelt province.
Ms Sefulo said this after a tour of SMART Zambia installations at Ndola Teaching and Arthur Davison Children’s Hospitals in Ndola today.
She expressed her appreciation for the significant improvements made.
“We appreciate what SMART Zambia has done so far and there is a lot of improvement that has been made. We just visited the emergency services, and the work being done is excellent,” she said.
The acting chairperson emphasized the need for expansion and increased funding to bridge existing gaps. “This SMART Zambia Provincial team need to be expanded and given more funding. You can see their work in the provinces, especially in the health sector.”
Ms. Sefulo acknowledged that there is still much work to be done but was excited about the progress made, particularly with the SMART Care Plus initiative.
“Having visited the hospital sector, we can I commend SMART Zambia, and we hope that we as parliament can work together with SMART Zambia to ensure that we operationalize SMART Care Plus even better and bridge the gaps,” she said.
After visiting Arthur Davison Hospital, Honorable Sibeso Sefulo commended SMART Zambia for their dedication and hard work.
“With the installations we have seen here, SMART need to be supported and see what we can do to make it grow and ensure that SMART Care Pro grows bigger. With more financial support, we are sure that you can even do better.”
Ms. Sefulo’s commendation highlights the significant impact of SMART Zambia’s work in improving healthcare services and e-governance in the region.
The success of SMART Care and X-ray systems, as well as e-governance initiatives, demonstrates the potential for technology to transform public services and improve lives.
The parliamentary committee’s support and recognition of SMART Zambia’s efforts underscore the importance of collaboration between government agencies and stakeholders in driving progress.
As SMART Zambia continues to innovate and expand its services, it is essential to address existing gaps and ensure sustainable funding to maintain momentum.
By working together, parliament, SMART Zambia, and other stakeholders can ensure the successful implementation of SMART Care Plus and other initiatives, ultimately benefiting the citizens of Zambia.
The commendation from the acting chairperson of the parliamentary committee on cabinet affairs highlights the importance of recognizing and supporting innovative initiatives by SMART Zambia, which are driving progress and improving lives.
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