SMART Zambia National Coordinator to Attend ID4Africa Conference.

SMART Zambia National Coordinator Mr Percy Chinyama is expected to attend the prestigious ID4Africa conference in Cape Town, South Africa, from May 21-24, 2024.
The conference provides a platform for identity authorities, governments, and industry experts to share knowledge and innovations in digital identity management.
During the conference, the National Coordinator will deliver a keynote address, highlighting Zambia’s remarkable achievements in its digital transformation journey.
The address will share valuable insights into the country’s experiences, challenges, and successes in harnessing digital identity to drive economic growth, improve public service delivery, and enhance citizen engagement.
Zambia’s digital transformation has been remarkable, with significant strides made in creating a more efficient, secure, and inclusive identity management system.
The country’s efforts have been recognized globally, and the ID4Africa conference provides an opportunity for Zambia to share its story and learn from others.
The conference will feature presentations, workshops, and exhibitions showcasing cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions in digital identity management.
Over 500 delegates from across Africa and beyond are expected to attend the conference, making it a dynamic and informative event.
The National Coordinator’s keynote address will be a highlight of the conference, offering valuable insights into Zambia’s digital journey and its implications for sustainable development.
The conference will also provide a platform for delegates to engage in meaningful discussions and explore ways to leverage digital identity for economic growth and development.
Overall, the ID4Africa conference promises to be a thought-provoking and inspiring event, and Zambia’s participation is expected to add significant value to the discussions.
By sharing its experiences and learnings, Zambia aims to contribute to the global conversation on digital identity and its role in shaping a more secure, inclusive, and sustainable future.
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