The Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) is set to provide improved broadcasting services following its acquisition of Starlink Kits, courtesy of Smart Zambia Institute (SZI).

In a move aimed at enhancing the broadcasting capabilities of ZNBC, SMART Zambia Institute has rendered significant support to the national broadcaster.

Through its expertise and cutting-edge technology, SMART Zambia Institute has empowered ZNBC to improve its digital presence, streaming capabilities, and overall broadcasting quality.

One of the key areas of support rendered was the provision of high-speed internet connectivity through the Starlink internet kits.

On May 20, 2024, SMART Zambia Institute National Coordinator Mr Percy Chinyama handed over 6 Starlink internet kits to ZNBC Acting Director General Mr Bright Nkaka, marking a new era in the national broadcaster’s digital transformation journey.

With the hand-over of Starlink internet kits by SMART Zambia Institute, ZNBC is now poised to revolutionize its broadcasting capabilities.

This handover marked a significant milestone in implementing the National E-government Plan.

These kits will enable ZNBC to enhance its online presence, allowing viewers to access content on demand and engage with the national broadcaster through social media platforms. This will significantly improve the corporation’s ability to reach a global and international audience.

The Starlink kits, featuring high-speed internet connectivity, will enable ZNBC to improve its online presence, streaming capabilities, and website while reducing operational costs associated with conventional satellite broadcasting.

This initiative aligns with the National E-government Plan’s objective of promoting digital inclusion, enhancing citizen engagement, and improving public service delivery through technology.

Speaking during the hand-over of 6 Starlink kits to the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) in Lusaka, Mr Chinyama said SMART Zambia is committed to supporting other government wings for efficient and effective service delivery.

Mr Chinyama also stated that the kits handed over to ZNBC will assist in the timely dissemination of information to the general public adding that two fundamental attributes have to be on point; these are timeliness and accuracy.

“Today is a special day because we are supporting an initiative that enhances our government’s efficiency and effectiveness. As a partner in this endeavour, we recognize that our sectors share two fundamental requirements: timeliness and accuracy. In the news industry, timeliness is crucial, as information is only valid within a specific timeframe. Similarly, in our sector, the solutions we provide are only relevant within a certain period, Mr Chinyama said.

The National Coordinator explained that information is only valid up to a certain time, hence with speedy internet, it will provide an extra boost to the services provided by the Corporation.

“By providing you with the Starlink kit, we are addressing the issue of timeliness, and enabling you to improve your services. As service providers, we are highly scrutinized, and our value is often only recognized when things go wrong. However, we see you as a strategic partner, as the national broadcaster, providing citizens with critical information about government activities, and national developments, and serving as a check and balance on government actions,” he said.

“We are pleased to support you in this endeavour and hope that our collaboration will continue to yield positive results. I have noticed an improvement in the way ZNBC provides information, and initiatives like this will undoubtedly give the institution an extra boost. Let us continue working together to enhance our services and provide value to our respective audiences,” Mr Chinyama said.

Mr Chinyama recognized the critical role that ZNBC plays in disseminating information to the public.

“With these Starlink internet kits, we aim to support ZNBC’s efforts by providing fast and reliable internet connectivity, enabling you to reach a wider audience and enhance your broadcasting capabilities, he said”

ZNBC Acting Director General, Mr Bright Nkaka, expressed gratitude for the support, highlighting the significance of this partnership in enhancing the broadcaster’s digital presence.

“We appreciate the support from SMART Zambia Institute. These Starlink internet kits will enable us to improve our online services, reach a broader audience, and provide better quality programming to our viewers, Mr Nkaka said”

“Today, we mark a significant milestone in our journey to fulfil our mandate of informing, educating, and entertaining the public. The benefits of these kits to our broadcasting services are immense. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to SMART Zambia Institute for this generous donation.”

Mr Nkaka also explained that the kits, will enhance live broadcasting capabilities, improve online presence, streaming, and website, and expand reach to a wider audience in real-time.

“This is crucial for us, as it will also reduce the cost of doing business. Previously, we relied on conventional satellite live broadcasting, which is expensive due to the high bandwidth required for transmission. This handover will greatly impact our operational costs,” Mr Nkaka said.

“The handing over of these kits will enhance our abilities, and the Starlink high-speed internet will be instrumental in this regard. It will enable us to be more efficient and effective in delivering news and current affairs,” he said.

Mr Nkaka further explained that the partnership with Smart Zambia Institute demonstrates our commitment to staying ahead of the curve and adapting to the evolving media landscape.

“To SMART Zambia Institute, I say, let us continue to shape the future of broadcasting together. I express my sincere gratitude to Smart Zambia Institute for their support. We look forward to continued collaboration for the growth and development of our country, he said.”

Indeed, SMART Zambia’s support to ZNBC through the hand-over of six Starlink kits marks a momentous milestone in promoting digital inclusion and bridging the digital divide in Zambia. This initiative aligns with the National E-government Plan’s objectives, aiming to enhance public service delivery, promote citizen engagement, and drive digital transformation.

The partnership between SMART Zambia and ZNBC demonstrates the power of collaboration in promoting digital inclusion and reducing the digital divide. The Starlink kits will enable ZNBC to enhance its digital presence, improve its services, and reach a wider audience, thereby promoting access to information and bridging the digital gap.

This support also highlights SMART Zambia’s commitment to driving digital transformation in Zambia, promoting digital inclusion, and empowering citizens with access to information and digital services.

As Zambia continues on its digital transformation journey, partnerships like this will play a critical role in promoting digital inclusion, reducing the digital divide, and empowering citizens with access to information and digital services.

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