Step into the future of land administration with the innovative Zambia Integrated Land Administration System (ZILAS) Say goodbye to the old Zambia Information Land Information System (ZILMIS) and embrace a new era of modern service delivery.

ZILAS is your gateway to seamless, efficient, and user-friendly land management.Β  With its 100% digital approach and web-based mobile interfaces, it transforms the way you interact with land-related services, eliminating the hassles of traditional paper trails.

ItΒ  is your passport to seamless digital transformation, eliminating the burdensome paper trails of the past. Experience its extraordinary features:

βœ… Access 59 online services, including self-service options.

βœ… Enjoy hassle-free online payments through ZamPay.

βœ… Streamline workflows with end-to-end case management.

βœ… Harness the power of data analytics for valuable insights.

βœ… Ensure robust identity management (Know Your Customer ) with ZamPass

βœ… Use of legally admissible digital signature for document authentication

βœ… Stay informed with case status notifications by email, SMS via ZamNotify.

βœ… Seamlessly integrate with GSB-connected systems through ZamConnect.

βœ… Ensure transparency with a comprehensive transaction log

βœ… Maintain high data quality with validation tools.

βœ… Embrace full compliance with the new “Digital Legislation.”

βœ… Optimize resources with low operational costs.

Say Goodbye to:

🚫 Paper-based system

🚫 No online services

🚫 Visit-required applications

🚫 Absence of online payments

🚫 No workflow management

🚫 Cumbersome manual operations

🚫 Low staff productivity

🚫 Basic reports, no analytics

🚫 Poor identity management

🚫 No digital signatures

🚫 No status notifications

🚫 Poor integration with third-party systems

🚫 Limited transactional visibility

🚫 Poor data quality, error-prone records

🚫 Non-compliant with digital laws

🚫 High operational costs

To enoy the benefits that ZILAS brings on board,Β  simply register on the ZamPortal by visiting https://zamportal.gov.zmΒ  Β  and Embrace a new era of land administration as ZILAS revolutionizes service delivery in Zambia! Get ready to unlock the true potential of ZILAS and transform your land management experience!

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